Business cyber security

Build a robust security posture

CampusQ safeguards your operations against growing digital security threats through the combination of proactive detection, technology, response planning and training.

Strengthen your cyber resilience

All businesses face the increasing threat of external cyber security risks and internal vulnerabilities every day. As an education facility with valuable digital resources, intellectual property data, remote learning portals and a team of staff, you’re a high potential target. As your organisation grows and the digital landscape changes, these cyber threats evolve in sophistication and complexity, which can result in high profile privacy breaches, data theft, reputation damage, downtime and significant losses. Now, more than ever, education institutions need to enhance cyber resilience and mitigate cyber security risk levels to prevent unwanted breaches and keep your facility secure.

CampusQ can help you achieve this.

Our cyber security experts understand the full spectrum of digital security threats and implement a holistic approach to protecting your business. 

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We carefully analyse all your current systems, identify any vulnerabilities and address all potential weaknesses, to give you the best level of cyber protection.

Cyber security awareness, education and training

We build and deliver engaging classroom programs and online learning modules to develop security-savvy staff as your best line of defence. Our bespoke cyber security training sessions make board members, management and staff aware of digital threats, as well as how to mitigate risks and act correctly in the event of a breach. Some of our cyber security awareness, education and training services include: Making teams aware of current cyber security threats

  • Explaining how to correctly access, handle and store data
  • Educating about phishing, social engineering and malware
  • Increasing overall IT security awareness
  • Providing knowledge and tools staff need to protect the business
  • Bolstering proactivity with comprehensive, ongoing training

Operations and incident management

We are right by your side if a digital security breach or cyber security incident was to ever occur. Through well-planned cyber defence capabilities, managed security operations and incident response services, our experts are on-hand to remedy any situation. Some of our cyber security operations and incident management services include:

  • Cyber security war room setup
  • Identification, logging, and categorisation
  • Incident notification and escalation
  • Investigation and diagnosis
  • Resolution and recovery
  • Incident closure and learnings
Adapt with intelligence

Risk management strategy and program design

We offer extensive cyber security consulting services where we develop and implement a complete risk management framework covering operating systems, network devices, databases and applications. This applies a customised, multi-faceted approach to digital security architecture and enhances your security defence mechanisms. Some of our cyber security risk management strategy and program design services include:
  • Cyber resilience strategy
  • Organisational structure
  • Governance rules
  • Policies and procedures
  • Readiness preparation
  • Incident communications
Accelerate threat detection

Risk assessment and security testing

We begin by reviewing your existing setup to assess potential risks, identify vulnerabilities and evaluate their potential impact, weighing this up against the costs of protection. Some of our cyber security risk assessment and digital security testing services include:

  • Thorough threat risk evaluations
  • Complete system scans
  • Comparisons with cyber security best practises
  • Penetration testing
  • Social engineering
  • Post-breach remediation strategies