Queue Management

CQ Queue

Transform your student experience with a virtual queuing system.
CQ Queue Management illustration

No more waiting in line

CQ Queue eliminates the need for students to waste time in a waiting line by allowing them to manage their time however they choose: at home, at work or the gym. Students join a virtual queue using an on-site kiosk, and select their options using a touchscreen.

CQ Queue Management illustration
A better student experience

No more wasting time

Remove the queue

Your students will love the flexibility of requesting help without wasting time standing around in a crowded reception area. Students request a ticket via a touchscreen interface and instantly receive an SMS confirming their appointment with an indicative wait time.

Integrate with other systems

We know the importance of having fluid communication across academic operations. Easily connect your LMS, SMS or CRM to our technology using an API and share information across systems in real-time.

Staff monitoring made easy

Keeping track of staff and students is effortless with our attendance-monitoring technology. Staff and contractors use their swipe card to sign in and out of the building, with fully accessible reports available in real-time.

How it works

3 easy steps

Simply join a virtual queue from an onsite kiosk

Pick the service you need from a list of available options

Receive a personal wait time estimate. Updates alert you as you move to the front of the queue

Key capabilities

CQ Queue benefits for higher education providers

A fully integrated web-based booking, attendance and queue management system designed to take the hassle out of managing student queues.

Manage resources

Significantly improve staff productivity and operational efficiencies

Save time

Eliminate ​long lines and manage wait times, for students and staff alike

Integrate learnings

Gain invaluable insights with deep reports

Modular systems

Integration with CQ Connect and other SMSs

Build connection

Enhance communication and student engagement

Support clients

Minimise student issues


Streamline concierge services

Allow staff to easily interact with students using a web-connected device. Add students to a queue, view and share expected wait times, and summon students.

Digital kiosks

Kiosks allow students and visitors to add themselves to a queue without assistance, and to gather valuable information. Our kiosk is scalable to adapt to future requirements.

Admin hub

Easily configure accounts, manage queues across campuses and add, amend or remove staff accounts. Customise messages by department and transaction type.

100% cloud-based

Provide customers with seamless integration with other software solutions, 100% web-based and supported by all standard browsers.

SMS notifications

Issue and cancel tickets via SMS, providing further notifications on queue placement and no-show reminders.

Management reporting

Monitor traffic and statistics such as type of enquiry and number of students served per counter.

Slideshow display

Display tickets currently served while displaying campus announcements.

Remote monitoring

Observe queue and staff activity from any internet-enabled location. Enable queue and staff monitoring across your entire network of campuses.

Appointment scheduler integration

Combine two products in one using the same platform and touchscreen interface.

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