Recruiting and Admissions


Fast-track offers with tools designed to automate and streamline recruiting and admission processes.
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Secure and flexible

Designed specifically to manage the agent recruitment process and to increase productivity and engagement. Improve operational efficiency, easily configure workflows and remove manual processes to generate higher conversions. Meet regulatory requirements with integrated e-signature technology, secure automation and data transfer.

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Powering the admissions process

Faster, more efficient

  • Automate the generation and delivery of offers
  • Empower students with intuitive self-service enquiry forms
  • Automatically direct enquiries to faculties and add to personal workflows
  • Seamlessly transfer accepted offers into the student management system
  • Minimise admin tasks and eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance demands
  • Manage contracts and agency agreements in one place
  • Provide transparent self-service access to easily track applications
  • Automate commission invoicing, student payments, refunds and reporting
  • Provide realtime OSHC quotes


Agent permissions

Securely automate conditional offer letters on behalf of institutions.

Fully customisable workflows

Design the admissions process for specific audiences including migration agencies and offshore students.

Student management system integration

Upload student enrolments and signed offer letters automatically into our all-inclusive SMS.

Electronic signature embedded

Experience the power of EduSign, our e-signature technology, each time you send an offer letter.

Unlimited storage

Upload all student documentation and keep it securely in the cloud.

Automated communications

Welcome students into campus life with messages about orientation, academic information and important events.

Key capabilities

Boost productivity, manage risk

Securely simplify and streamline recruitment processes to reduce administrative strain on staff, minimise risk and enhance your student experience.

Streamline processes

EduPortal enables recruitment agents to register potential students, make payments and track progress

Advanced reporting

Advanced analytics functionality allows agents to assess the effectiveness of domestic and international recruiting efforts

Informed decisions

EduPortal enables providers to leverage data, build insights and make better informed and strategic decisions

Global view

See a unified view of the admissions process on demand

Peace of mind

Compliance and admissions collaboration

High-level risk management

Provides high-level risk management

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