Appointment Scheduling

CQ Appointments

A powerful appointment management solution for scheduling academic appointments, calls and support assistance.
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Improve efficiency

CQ Appointments provides a better experience for students through self-service scheduling that saves time for both students and staff. No more wasting time standing around in a crowded reception area waiting to book a meeting.

CQ Appointments scheduling

How Appointment Scheduling works

Search from a list of available appointments from onsite kiosk

Students select the time slot and book a time that suits their schedule

Text and email reminders notify students and staff about appointments

CQ Appointments

Benefits to higher education providers

  • Boost staff productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Eliminate ​long lines and manage wait times
  • Harvest data from customer surveys in real-time to gain insights to improve performance
  • Integrate with CQ Connect and other SMSs
  • Enhance communication and student engagement to minimise student complaints
  • Integrate with Office365
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Office 365 integration

Take advantage of industry-leading technology using the Microsoft cloud network.


Give students an intuitive interface with multiple language options.

Queue management integration

Combine two products in one using the same platform.

SMS and email notifications

Receive real-time confirmation of created and cancelled appointments.

Compliance record

View student journals for a complete record of all staff appointments.

Appointment dashboard

See upcoming appointments, create new time slots and make cancellations as required.

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CQ Appointments fully integrates with our all-in-one web-based booking, attendance and queue management system, CQ Queue.


Enhance student satisfaction by offering a range of appointment times and access to faculty and staff.

Automated record-keeping

Eliminate mundane tasks with automated recording of appointments in student journals.

Time saving

Remove the headache of manually arranging appointments through multiple departments.

Flexible scheduling

Welcome the choice of creating time slots as little as 5 minutes or two hours.


Leverage existing technology with our Microsoft-ready platform.

Reduced admin

Find more time in the day as appointments are continuously synced across calendars.