Electronic Signature


Custom-built for educational institutions, eSignPro is a cloud-based electronic signature service that provides a simple and intuitive system to securely sign, store and send documents.
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Meet regulatory mandates

Fast, responsive and easy to use, eSignPro integrates easily into existing workflows to create a seamless digital document flow that transforms your organisation's operational experience for both students and applicants.


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How it works

The smart way to sign


eSignPro's admin console allows users to easily track and automate tasks. Obtain real-time signatures and receipts for processes such as admission applications, loan and official notices, employment contracts and agent agreements.


View in real-time a list of correspondence generated via the admin console; access an electronic audit trail for key processes in the document pathway, and automate and initiate associated reminders on demand or as required.


eSignPro provides full accountability with a centralised repository and 360 degree auditing, as well as assisting with risk reduction, operational efficiency, and full compliance with industry standards across the higher education sector.

End-to-end security

Driving growth

eSignPro eliminates the cost burden of printing, scanning, filing, storing and archiving physical documents, amounting to significant cost savings in paper, postage, storage, archiving and document disposal.

Our solution shortens the sales cycle and increases customer conversion rates, allowing your staff to get on with their core business instead of chasing up documents.

Complying with the most rigorous industry security standards, eSignPro uses advanced signature algorithms to detect changes to digitally signed documents.

Further benefits include:

  • A comprehensive audit trail to meet compliance and legal obligations
  • A legally binding, fraud-resistant digital signature, complete with court-admissible audit trails
  • The elimination of errors ensuring accurate data collection during the audit recording process
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eSignPro helps Australian schools, universities and other educational institutions to control costs, while at the same time improving the quality of education experiences to meet rising student expectations.

Cost effective

Reduce admin costs and admissions time waiting for hard-copy signatures.

Full compliance

Increase regulatory confidence with a detailed evidence log for every document.


Always up-to-date with statutory and legislative changes.

Reduce risk

Mitigate risk to your company by using our legally-binding, fraud-resistant digital signature solution.

Enhance customer service

Exceed expectations for applicants by providing a slick and professional communication interface.

Always accessible

Documents are always accessible across devices, whether using desktop, tablet or phone.


Real-time signatures

Receive signed offer letters within minutes from anywhere.

Automatic document tracking

View your document’s status via a smart dashboard.


Create and store documents in the cloud, accessible from any device at any time.

Automated reminders

Schedule reminders and notifications to ensure everyone is kept informed.

Template creation

Create reusable templates for ready access by staff members.


Add document features such as date, name, multiple choice and short answer.