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Smarter mobile customer engagement

By unleashing the power of automation across your entire institution, CQ Mobile app empowers educational providers with 360° student visibility, enhanced customer experience, true cross-departmental collaboration, and much more.
Transform your institution

Delivering enriched customer connectivity

CQ Mobile revolutionises your educational institution by enhancing human interactions. It enriches customer experiences by offering everything they need in the palm of their hand – access to support services and resources, to live chat, inter-student connectivity, timetabling and more. At the same time, this mobile solution can boost productivity, eliminate waste and reduce unnecessary costs.

Focus on what matters most

Embracing technology to drive institutional change.

Superior Convenience

Your students will love how everything is available whenever they need it, from wherever they are. With CQ Mobile, your institution will integrate seamlessly into their lives. Students can schedule appointments virtually through calendars that are synchronised with the staff and other students. For any difficulties, a Live Chat provides instant support to resolve any issues.

Data Reliance

Boost your educational institution’s productivity in delivering excellent customer service by acquiring accurate insights like peak operational periods, new student registrations and user engagement. With CQ Mobile’s built-in enterprise-level analytics, you can make better decisions towards optimising your processes both for your staff and students.

Financial Efficiency

CQ Mobile is geared to reduce wait times and long queues to equip you with a greater capacity to cater to more students. By automating your services, it also eliminates manual and time-consuming processes that require an inefficient use of resources. CQ Mobile guarantees that your educational institution can continue to operate despite social distancing guidelines and other pandemic restrictions.

Ready to transform at speed


Become the pioneer educational institution that embraces a full digitisation of services.

Powerful Resourcing

The synchronisation of student and faculty’s calendars via CQ Mobile allows for easy management of appointments. The app facilitates virtual queuing with options to leave, re-join or queue for multiple services any time. Real-time updates like ticket number, wait time forecasts and total number of students in line strengthen safety measures for social distancing.

Best In Class Compliance

All services, appointment details and outcomes are recorded in SMS form for transparency purposes. CQ Mobile also complies with all necessary data privacy laws to protect your stakeholders’ information from any malicious intent. The app acts as your centralised hub of information – delivering one source of truth for your students and employees efficiently and cost-effectively.

Seamless integrations

Improve your staff workflows by easily integrating CQ Mobile with your current key systems like Microsoft Teams as well as with other Student Management Systems, Content Management Systems (such as Umbraco), Learning Management Systems (such as Moodle) and Library Management Systems (ProQuest and EBSCO, among others).

Innovative approach

CQ Mobile consistently undergoes product improvements to ensure your educational institution can adapt to the evolving trends in the industry while meeting the growing needs of your stakeholders – regardless if they are students, staff, alumni or prospects.

Flawless User Experiences

Today’s students expect technology to augment their lives – and their education is no exception. Exceed these expectations with your own app, where students can access their course information, events, contacts, FAQs, policies, procedures and more.

Growth, efficiency and risk mitigation

Key Features

Safety and Security

CQ Mobile provides access to all important contacts to ensure all your educational institution’s stakeholders can remain in constant contact.

Timetable and Schedule

Student and staff can manage their appointments and class timetable all in one place through CQ Mobile.


CQ Mobile enables your users to gain access to all college calendars, ensuring them that no activity, event or occasion will be missed.

Live Chat

Staff, current students and prospects can get quick answers to their concerns with the availability of a mobile-friendly Live Chat from CQ Mobile.

Student Central

Prospects and even new students can easily navigate through your processes with CQ Mobile providing all kinds of support and services virtually, anytime and anywhere.

Student Services

Provide the highest standards of student support with CQ Mobile’s real-time communication and user engagement on a number of levels: student-student, student-academic, student-university, student-community and student-industry.


CQ Mobile supports the full development of students and educators by providing a wide range of online books, academic papers and resources.

Course Finder

Encourage more students to pursue all forms of learning at your institution by giving them the option to easily determine every possible course they can take.


Strengthen your graduates’ commitment and connection towards your educational institution by providing continuous alumni support, updates and information in the palm of their hand.


Gain better insights into how you can push operational efficiency and enhance the delivery of services through evaluations and feedback forms readily available to students in CQ Mobile.

Virtual Queuing

CQ Mobile enables your students to queue virtually, maximising their convenience while making it possible for your staff to eliminate wait times and long lines on your services.

Single Point of Entry

At the convenience of your educational institution’s users, CQ Mobile gives mobile access to multiple campus resources and services.

Flexible Integration Platform

CQ Mobile facilitates in-depth integration with other collaboration and learning platforms like MS Teams, Student Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Learning Management Systems and Library Management Systems.

Personalised Notification and Alerts

CQ Mobile equips your users with notification alerts that can be managed according to priority like updates for services, appointments and compliance. It also utilises dual confirmation and email reminder options in all your upcoming appointments and schedules.

Analytical Insights

By providing analytical insights, CQ Mobile allows your educational institution to develop sentiment analysis – helping your staff and faculty delve into user behaviour and identify which students need more emotional support.

Empower your students to enjoy their experience with your institution.

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