Student Management System

CQ Connect

Our cloud-based Student Management System (SMS) is specifically designed to provide a powerful student-centred service that manages the entire student lifecycle from enrolment through to graduation.
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Transforming the
student experience

CQ Connect enhances the entire student experience with user-friendly online educational tools that streamline and automate everyday tasks, and provides a collaborative ecosystem where students and faculty can engage with each other and easily share ideas that drive student and institutional success.

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Exceptional student experience

Flexible and collaborative

CQ Connect streamlines, standardises and automates administrative processes and workflows across the entire organisation, supporting staff, students and faculty to focus on what really matters - student success.

Our fully-scalable solution significantly enhances user experience by providing a digital campus that allows clients to extend and add functionality as organisational needs evolve.

  • Agile, responsive and efficient ecosystem
  • Flexible and adaptable as institutions grow
  • Powerful collaboration tool that connects the skills and knowledge of staff, students and faculty
  • Easily share ideas and solutions, driving student and institutional success
  • Improve services as efficiently as possible
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Agent portal

Allow agents to enrol students and track commissions all in one place.

Automate processes

Create workflows and automatically generate invoices, notifications and receipts.

Manage grades easily

Integrates securely with learning management systems to automatically sync data.

PRISMS reconciliation

Streamline compliance reporting by automating transaction-matching reconciliation functions.

Multi-campus management

Create and share courses, subjects and resources across multiple campuses.

Graduation management

Easily generate invitations, coordinate registration and issue academic certifications.

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CampusQ Connect is proven to transform student recruitment and admission processes, reduce costs and enhance student experience. A comprehensive suite of modules and functionality-rich intuitive design provides maximum freedom and support to staff, students and faculty through extensive self-service capabilities. CampusQ Connect has been specifically engineered for efficiency and automation so staff can focus on students, and students are free to focus on their study.
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Real-time attendance

Ensure security and monitoring by utilising swipe card data for onsite students and staff members.

24/7 access and support

Reduce demand on student services and provide students with account access whenever they need.


Stay organised and reduce costs with streamlined and automated digital


Privacy protection

Restrict access to confidential information and set permissions based on roles.

Better management

Achieve greater visibility using easy-to-interpret reporting.

Powerful collaboration

Improve communication across departments using a single ecosystem.

Automate tasks and save time

Focus on what really matters

CampusQ Connect improves the consistency and quality of service to students by offering online self-service tools designed for information-sharing and collaboration, enhanced student engagement, workflow automation and the ability to satisfy compliance obligations.

Keep everyone connected and engaged, and reduce costs by automating and eliminating tedious manual administrative processes. Students, staff and faculty can access course materials, support services or administrative tools at any time.

Transform how your institution delivers success
Contact us to discover how we can assist you. Our pricing for each project is tailored to your specific needs and quoted individually upon application.

Integrate and automate

  • Improve oversight and alignment between planning and budgeting
  • Consolidate and automate business processes within Compliance, Finance and Student Administration functions
  • Manage the entire student lifecycle and meet the unique needs of educational institutions
  • Offer secure online self-service tools and meet compliance regulations, enabling students to share ideas across the network
  • Easily enhance consistency and quality of customer-focused service
  • Deliver multi-channel support for domestic, international, online, undergraduate and post-graduate students